Celebrating 10 Years

Wow 2020 marks 10 years since the inception of the We Women Sing Choir. 
2010 saw humble beginnings in an unused Shopfront on Magill road. The space was gifted to Cindy-Anne by Meg while it was waiting to be refurbished into a cafe..
Cindy-Anne began with around 10 participants, moslty mums form her daughters school and some of her singing students. Then after moving to Annies house and then Cindy-Anne's lounge room the group found a new home at the Clayton Welsey Church hall and were to involved for a couple of years in the Hope cafes' refuge program. providing luch time peformances in the Cafe, fundraisers and performed  in the lovely big church. It was then on to the Maylands Church hall, a larger and quieter space, which is now home. 

In 2015 there was a disasterous earthquake in Nepal, Cindy-Anne decided to ask the choir to fundraise for an orphange that had been damaged. It was to be the choirs first self orgainsed fundraiser. A choir member knew of a local group "The friends of Nepal' who had previosly built a school for orphaned children, which had been badly damaged by the earthquake and so an alliance was made. The choir orgainsed a dinner and concert at the Channai Palace. The friends of Nepal came and gave a presentation. That night we rasiedover  $2,500 and 2 children were sponsored. 

Each year since we have rasied funds for Katherine House (womens Shelter) and MOSH - (Suicide prevention and support) and The Spirit of Woman Campaign.

The Choir have also Performed at the" Festival of Now" 2018. and Nursing Homes around Adelaide.

Each year there are 2 big concerts; a Mid Year Fundraiser and End of Year concert. These are variety concerts with guest Artists and Solo performances by students as well. 

2020 saw us go online to experience the world of the "Virtual Choir" while we protected against the Cocid -19 Virus. The online platform offering daily interaction with different topics and ways to stay connected. 

We are looking forward to to having the chance to perform again at our end of year Concert to celebrate the last 10 years of Singing.
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